Nestle Quik

When I was exploring the internet this morning, look what I found.nestle-quick-mug-front-936464_1280

I had this cup in my kitchen cabinet for several years for ny son who understandably would not drink his Nestle Quik in anything else. I am happy to say that it now resides in his home for his sons.

    • Nestlé Quik Chocolate Powder was introduced in 1948.
    • Nestlé Quik Banana Powder was introduced 1954.
    • Nestlé Quik Strawberry Powder was introduced prior to 1960.
    • Nestlé Quik Vanilla Powder was introduced in 1979, discontinued in 2006.
    • Additional powder flavors have been introduced, but discontinued: Grape (1970’s?-?), Cherry (1989–1995), Jungle Jaffa (199?-200?), Mango (1991-2000), Cream (1997), Triple Chocolate (2002–2006), Vanilla (2003–2006), Honey (2001–2006), Crème Soda (sold in South Africa until recently), Caramel,[2] Cookies & Cream.
    • Nestlé Quik Chocolate No Sugar Added was introduced in 1993. This product contains artificial sweetener (sucralose)
    • Jimmy Nelson, Danny O’Day and Farfel[

    • In 1955, Nestlé hired ventriloquist Jimmy Nelson to do its advertising on children’s television programming. Nelson’s dummy Danny O’Day would say that Quik “makes milk taste…like a mill-ion” (dollars). Danny and a dog named Farfel would finish the commercials by singing Nestlé’s brand-new signature jingle:

      Danny: N-E-S-T-L-E-S,

      Nestlé’s makes the very best…

      Farfel: Choc-‘late

      Farfel would finish with the sound of his jaw snapping shut. This effect was accidentally invented when Nelson’s sweaty finger (a result of nervousness) slipped off the mouth control during his first audition in front of the Nestlé executives. This would normally be a serious technical mistake for a ventriloquist, but they actually liked it so much they insisted Nelson keep it in. Nelson performed the jingle that way for ten years.[3]

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