It was disappointing to me. I am an adult. Shouldn’t it be the kids that with eyes wide and mouths gaping ¬†look up at the sights and monsters on the screen? They could be watching the latest out in space movie or what’s beneath the earth movie and it is so real that you feel like you are on that adventure with them.

Hollywood is in the business to make the unreal into something that we think is very real.legoland-1514407_640As in this Legoland display, it looks like you can walk around there and explore.

I watched a movie set in this wonderful neighborhood that everybody would love to live in with beautiful trees, white picket fences surrounding perfect lawns and gardens. Then when the film was over they gave information on the movie. This man comes in and points out how they displayed the town with miniature houses, cars, trees! I was so disappointed, that piece of perfection did not even exist. I learned my lesson; now I take everything at the movies with a grain of salt!