Wash Day Circa 1962

I ran across a picture of some ladies doing laundry in the early 1900s and I thought “Wow”, maybe I’d better stop complaining about needing to get my laundry done.

That thought took me to the search engine to the wringer washers. While looking at the pictures of different brands I think I found the one that we had in the early to mid 60’s. One of my chores was washing at least some of the clothes and I remember distinctly using that machine. In a cool, damp basement we had that washing machine sitting in front of the double galvanized sink. Both sides were filled with water along with the washer. Afer washing a load of clothes you piece by piece put the clothes into the wringer and into the first washtub. Now you swirl them around and then turn the wringer so that it faces the second tub. Now you do your second rinse. When all soap has been rinsed away you put them through the wringer and into your clothes basket.

On a nice day you take the clothes and clothespins outside and hang them on the clothes line. In winter we hung them on the clothesline in the basement. We never had any clothes softeners so they would be stiff, especially jeans. But if the day was nice with a great breeze and you had the bedding on the clothes line, it was absolutely wonderful to crawl in bed and fall asleep with that outside aroma. All of a sudden wash day 1109-1didn’t seem so bad!