Donald Duck

Thursday, June 9 is Donald Duck Day.

Donald Duck is my all time favorite cartoon character. I have comic books, cups, glasses, videos and note paper. I still have a toy with Donald and Daisy sitting in it. I love both Donald and Daisy’s personality. Both of them are great but their temper just kicks in sometimes.

Donald Fauntleroy Duck’s first cartoon appeared on 6/9/1934 in Silly Symphonies The Wise Little Hen.

Donald can be obsessed with money, gold, and treasures and has on occasion participated in a get rich quick scheme which he had no doubt learned from his Uncle Scrooge.

When Donald finds himself intimidated or threatened by someone or something, instead of getting scared he gets mad. He has fought his nemesis Pete, ghosts, sharks, mountain goats, and forces of nature.

He truly loves his nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie. He was also quite fond of Daisy Duck and was known to say “Hiya, Toots” when he saw her coming.

If you are a fan like I am, please take some time to catch up with Donald, Daisy, and friends and enjoy some classic moments of their lives and ours.Dd-1