Carpenter Bees on the Porch


This Spring just as the last few, enjoying time spent sitting on the front porch has been interrupted by the deep buzzing of what I thought were Bumble Bees. My thinking is that they were not going to run me off of my own porch; just ignore them and they will leave us alone. That was true but now my dog has decided to catch them with a lunge and bite. Now I do not want to see that happen but I do not want to kill the bees either. After looking on the internet I find that these are not Bumble Bees but Carpenter Bees. The males do not sting and the females are not going to unless provoked. The fact that they are living up in the porch rafters tells us that they are Carpenters. Bumble Bees live in holes in the ground usually in the burrowed holes of mice, etc.
I found that the best way to get rid of them is to take out some paint and spruce up the porch. Carpenter Bees do not like the smell of paint and should relocate. And in the meantime, my porch looks better. Sounds like a win-win situation to me!