Expressions of Home

Expressions of Home is an e-store that I started in 2015. After many decisions that I made and then dismissed, I have found my niche. This store represents who I am and how I feel about family.

Even though I am constantly on my computer, I feel that children have given up way too many healthy things to be on their tech toys as much as they are.

Most of my thoughts about this are probably due to my age. I remember kids riding bikes, hide and seek, hopscotch, dodgeball, etc. Kids would be outside playing until Mom would call them in for dinner. My feelings are that kids today do not get enough exercise,  group activities, etc.

I also feel strongly about a healthy family environment. In today’s world with parents working, sometimes different shifts, I feel that when possible spending quality time together at home and in the community is vital to raising children in a nurturing, loving way.

In the store, I showcase products that promote this lifestyle and in Seasoned Expressions I hope to give information and ideas to promote a happy, healthy home.original-logos_2016_Jun_8696-5753110bb4a73