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During Asa’s Reign, he did good in the eyes of The Lord. He got rid of the idols and broke them down. He even removed his Grandmother, Maacah from her position as Queen Mother because she had idols.

Asa was 20 years old when he came to power in approximately 913-873 BC. He was the 1st King since David, his great-great-grandfather220px-Asa_of_Judah that followed The Lord.

He did fall away later in his reign when he went to people instead of God to solve his problems.

This shows that however long you follow The Lord, you can fall away, so it is a lifelong commitment to surrender your life over to Him.

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The Leaf

God’s simple beauty, beyond compare

Nature’s bounty everywhere

So much to smell–so much to see

Let’s take the Stately Old Oak Tree

Six hundred species, big family and strong

but how do you prove that you really belong

Examine my LEAF said the Little Sprout

that will tell you what I’m all about.

One of these years I’ll drop an acorn

and be a hundred feet tall

but until then–I’ll show you my colors

they will be blazing–just wait until Fall!oak-791737_640

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The Crumb

The Little Mouse–Hiding in the house–

as hungry as he could be–

watched the young lady, eating her toast, laughing with such glee–

when all of a sudden a piece of  that toast landed on her knee, Yippee

 thought the Little Mouse while hiding in the young lady’s house–there is something here for me–

The speedy Little Mouse ran through the house,

capturing the crumb, on his little thumb,

and into the night ran he–

As he looked back at the young lady, still eating, and laughing with glee! 


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In His Time

Use Patience While Waiting For God

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, 11

How many of us are guilty of wanting what we want, when we want it? I know most of us have dealt with this, most of us then, tired of waiting, make a decision that ends up being a mistake.

God knows what is best for us and will direct our lives to give us His best. Will you wait on Him?32905-low-res_1280x1280

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The Gate

I just love to peek through a gate. What’s on the other side? I’m not a peeping Tom, but if there are flowers, shrubs and garden goodies in the yard, then I’m sure that there will be more on the other side of the fence.

Years ago my sister and I were on a vacation, happening upon Elvis’ home. It was not open to the public during that time and we saw all that we could by peeking through the gate. My sister got a brilliant idea to climb on top of the brick wall and get another view of the property. I helped her climb up, her shoe fell off into his yard. There was a dog barking and she didn’t want to take a chance to drop into the yard, grab her shoe and possibly not be able to get back over the fence. So, I’m sure Elvis enjoyed the wonderful present of my sister’s old stinky shoe.