img_0235My definition of what is urgent may be very different from other people’s definition. I think it has a lot to do with our personality. What is urgent to us may not be urgent to others.

A baby’s cry can be saying that something is wrong and sometimes it is just a way of trying to get held. When kids are playing outside and everyone is screaming, a parent just knows which scream is playing and which scream needs your immediate attention. To a teenager, most things are urgent. They need an answer to their question now. “Can I go to the party Friday night?” They need to know now so they can phone or text all their friends. It simply doesn’t work to give them the answer the day before, it’s more fun to discuss all the plans versus the actual party.

My sense or urgency was the other evening when our first frost of the year was due and I still had my special Scheffalara plant outdoors. I got the plant inside and thankfully I did because we did have a frost that night. I’ve had that plant since 1981. Now that was something urgent!

Author: piddlersue

Retired Christian wife, mother and grandmother

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