I guess I am getting older. Years ago when I was a young mother I was one of those women who did it all; fixed meals, laundry, cleaned, raised my son and held down a full-time job. I know that I am not the only one who had to do this but the point being, I did it.

Other women I knew would just tell me to simply sit down and relax for awhile and simply recharge. I found that I was not like these other women. I could go on and on cleaning and do other chores like that bunny on TV who keeps right on going, but if I stopped, I was done. 

Fast forward to me today, I have a Recharging Station, called the coffee pot. That is how I get any energy today. Sadly, the days of being like that bunny are long gone. drumming-154327_640

Author: piddlersue

Retired Christian wife, mother and grandmother

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