The Test

The day is getting near–I shouldn’t be worried but I am. I’m not the same person that I used to be, but they don’t know that. I used to be just like them; am I the only one that has changed? They might look at me and think music-69932_1280that I feel “above them” and I don’t belong. They would be partially correct. I no longer belong to this group of old friends. We used to have a blast but I no longer do those things. I have no business meeting them in these surroundings. Maybe I will call them and say that I am sick; NO, I can’t do that. This whole situation is a TEST and if I lie, I’ve already failed. Maybe I should go, maybe someone else wants to change too. Maybe I can help them. You never know who God is going to put on your path. Maybe this party is an opportunity and He wants to use me. I trust You–I’m going!


If You Really Need Jesus

Another powerful message at church this morning. This morning’s title was “If You Really Need Jesus”.

Hebrews 11:6
Mark 10:46-52
Luke 17:11-19
In Hebrews the point was made to not only seek God but to diligently seek Him. Look for Him and never stop thanking Him for everything He has done for us.

In Luke, 10 lepers called out to Jesus to help them. Jesus told them to go see the priest and on the way they were all cleaned and healed. Only 1 out of the 10 turned and loudly praised Jesus. Where were the other 9?

In Mark, Bartimaeus, a blind beggar was sitting by the road when he heard that Jesus was near. He started to cry out for Jesus to have mercy on him. Jesus stood still and commanded him to come. Bartimaeus cast off his garments and went to Jesus. Jesus asked him what he needed and he told Him that he might receive his eyesight. Jesus gave him his sight because Bartimaeus had faith in Jesus.jesus-1327882_1280-768x384


I guess I am getting older. Years ago when I was a young mother I was one of those women who did it all; fixed meals, laundry, cleaned, raised my son and held down a full-time job. I know that I am not the only one who had to do this but the point being, I did it.

Other women I knew would just tell me to simply sit down and relax for awhile and simply recharge. I found that I was not like these other women. I could go on and on cleaning and do other chores like that bunny on TV who keeps right on going, but if I stopped, I was done. 

Fast forward to me today, I have a Recharging Station, called the coffee pot. That is how I get any energy today. Sadly, the days of being like that bunny are long gone. drumming-154327_640