I‘m watching her sit under that big tree in the park. She is reading a book and it must be good because she is barely looking up. That is fine with me. I can see her and she is beautiful. Not like Hollywood beautiful but like someone who is shy, and innocent with a way about her that simply draws me to her. I am thankful that she doesn’t notice me. She wouldn’t like me, I just know it. This is the kind of girl that would never have anything to do with me, I am so ugly. I am sure she would only have eyes for the jocks.

There he is. Don’t look up from the book in case he sees that I am looking at him. I would just die if he knew how much I liked him. He’s different, he is a nice guy; not like some of those jocks that are so full of themselves that they don’t really want to get to know me. He’s not real cute but his face is so cool with that scar on his chin. I wonder how he got it. I’ll bet he has stories to tell and interesting to know. But anybody that cool wouldn’t want to be with me, I can never come up with anything interesting to talk about.

I am sitting on the park bench just people watching. I love to just observe how people talk, react and live their lives; for instance,woman-1321330_640 I have noticed these two young people who can’t hide the fact that they like each other but they don’t know it yet. Should I do or say something? It must be obvious to everyone in the park except them. Better not, none of my business. They’re young. Hope they figure it out. I think I am done watching people for the day. Guess I’ll go home to that empty apartment. I wish I had somebody to talk to.

Author: piddlersue

Retired Christian wife, mother and grandmother

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