Daily Prompt: Surface

My Kitchen Table

One of my many dilemmas is what to do with the kitchen table. We have a big kitchen and the table fits in front of the windows. Our nephew just gave us the table a few years ago because it was too big for his kitchen so we gladly accepted it but no matter how much we begged he would not part with the matching chairs.

Now it sits in our kitchen but there’s a problem. The surface of the table is so sticky with who knows what that it’s unusable. I scrubbed with everything I could think of and yet it sticks. So I put a tablecloth on it and when it was time to take it off, fibers of the cloth were imbedded into the surface of the table. I guess I have no choice but to bring out the sander and get busy.

When I am done with this table the surface will be so slick that the plates will practically be ice skating.

Author: piddlersue

Retired Christian wife, mother and grandmother

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