Carpenter Bees on the Porch


This Spring just as the last few, enjoying time spent sitting on the front porch has been interrupted by the deep buzzing of what I thought were Bumble Bees. My thinking is that they were not going to run me off of my own porch; just ignore them and they will leave us alone. That was true but now my dog has decided to catch them with a lunge and bite. Now I do not want to see that happen but I do not want to kill the bees either. After looking on the internet I find that these are not Bumble Bees but Carpenter Bees. The males do not sting and the females are not going to unless provoked. The fact that they are living up in the porch rafters tells us that they are Carpenters. Bumble Bees live in holes in the ground usually in the burrowed holes of mice, etc.
I found that the best way to get rid of them is to take out some paint and spruce up the porch. Carpenter Bees do not like the smell of paint and should relocate. And in the meantime, my porch looks better. Sounds like a win-win situation to me!


Family Time

I totally agree with Melissa Peduzzi when I read her story on building strong family relationships. Family time is a commitment to being in the moment, and delighting in these wonderful people who are your family. puzzle-774055_960_720.pngIt’s not enough to be there physically, for this time, you have to get rid of all the distractions that might interfere with your focus.

Put the cell phone away, shut the TV and focus on what is truly important. Listen, interact and show your pleasure in what is uppermost in everybody’s mind today.

Do things together. Have a list of ideas that everybody would enjoy and choose one and wholeheartedly get into it. Some of my ideas are:

Go to the local park

Take a bike ride

Go and see how many different birds, butterflies, bugs, etc, you can find

Take the camera and take some family and nature photos

Get the kite flying

Build a sand castle in summer or a snowman in winter

If it’s a stay inside type of day build a diy project

Bake some cookies with Mom

Pull out the board games and have game night

Good old conversations, hearty laughter, and lots of love will do wonders for the health of the family.

Don’t forget to have family Bible study, Church and Sunday School. When God is uppermost in your life, you know you are on the right path.

Nestle Quik

When I was exploring the internet this morning, look what I found.nestle-quick-mug-front-936464_1280

I had this cup in my kitchen cabinet for several years for ny son who understandably would not drink his Nestle Quik in anything else. I am happy to say that it now resides in his home for his sons.

    • Nestlé Quik Chocolate Powder was introduced in 1948.
    • Nestlé Quik Banana Powder was introduced 1954.
    • Nestlé Quik Strawberry Powder was introduced prior to 1960.
    • Nestlé Quik Vanilla Powder was introduced in 1979, discontinued in 2006.
    • Additional powder flavors have been introduced, but discontinued: Grape (1970’s?-?), Cherry (1989–1995), Jungle Jaffa (199?-200?), Mango (1991-2000), Cream (1997), Triple Chocolate (2002–2006), Vanilla (2003–2006), Honey (2001–2006), Crème Soda (sold in South Africa until recently), Caramel,[2] Cookies & Cream.
    • Nestlé Quik Chocolate No Sugar Added was introduced in 1993. This product contains artificial sweetener (sucralose)
    • Jimmy Nelson, Danny O’Day and Farfel[

    • In 1955, Nestlé hired ventriloquist Jimmy Nelson to do its advertising on children’s television programming. Nelson’s dummy Danny O’Day would say that Quik “makes milk taste…like a mill-ion” (dollars). Danny and a dog named Farfel would finish the commercials by singing Nestlé’s brand-new signature jingle:

      Danny: N-E-S-T-L-E-S,

      Nestlé’s makes the very best…

      Farfel: Choc-‘late

      Farfel would finish with the sound of his jaw snapping shut. This effect was accidentally invented when Nelson’s sweaty finger (a result of nervousness) slipped off the mouth control during his first audition in front of the Nestlé executives. This would normally be a serious technical mistake for a ventriloquist, but they actually liked it so much they insisted Nelson keep it in. Nelson performed the jingle that way for ten years.[3]

  • This will make you smile!